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I learned to fly in the winter, Minnesota’s winter. When we finally had a clear day I would brave the sky, attempting to navigate the airspace staring at the aerial chart. Blue for lakes, green for trees, brown for dirt… down below it was all white, lots o white.

Once, as I miraculously made it to the pump, flushed with confusion and thanking the little red wind sock for pointing us to the presence of a runway underneath the white eternity,

So, how do you call this place…? I tried my best “captain’s voice”.

The old timer gave me a look; calmly pointing at some circles and dots on the chart he said: you might have noticed that we name our towns after the water towers around here.
[Ok, That should settle the name issue]

On earth motorcycling is now my new – old thing. Traveling diving and photography fill up the rest.

I am taking my first steps at Textpattern, I am at total awe at some of the sites created with this CMS. It will take me a while to get the hang of it.

Thanks for joining me for the ride, please do not be a stranger