A Yiddisha Cowboy, chasing VT Route 100 · Sep 29, 06:40 PM

Yesterday the weather looked just perfect so I decide to take the Road Star for a ride. Initially I didn’t have a real plan, just figured I would go up to New Hamphsire and wander into Vermont somehow.

Starting on the highway to get into the smaller twisters I took I-93 to I-89. Around Warner NH the highway was blocked off for road work. Consulting with the guarding policeman I took Route 103 to Sunapee lake and had lunch at the Appleseed restaurant by the lake

Then continued up to Vermont taking route 4 to Quechee State Park and Woodstock. Route 4 connects with Route 100 VT, Route 100 holds a special place here as one of the best, most fun roads in the country for two wheelers. the exciting state site for VT Route 100

The ride was spectacular I later crossed east on Route 125, an awesome road in its own rights. 125 was mostly freshly paved twisting its way as it climbs Sugarbush mountain and continue north along the Mad River.

By the time I pointed the handlebar south the sun was going down. The whole way from Vermont to Manchester NH I was literally shaking. Although I started the day at some 70^o^F. the leather over a tee shirt was far from sufficient.

Literally shaking my way south my frozen brain was pondering, should I go faster to end it sooner or slower to reduce the chill? Somehow I made it to Manchester and defrosted at a Duncan Donuts. Seeing me shaking, the kid at the counter said chilly night huh, where did you come from?
Montpelier. Vermont.
that’s OK I am almost done.
Where are you going too?
Boston?!? that’s another 45 minutes
Yep, It was…

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