Champlain Islands Vermont · Jul 22, 10:35 PM

So, where do you usually like to ride?

We were sitting on the rug at Second Wind shooting the breeze while my first born was getting its initial 600 miles service. Here I am the new owner of a 1200 GS, the go anywhere do anything bike, some footage is starting to play in my head; Tierra del Fuego, Alaska…

Soon after getting the bike I Amazonned the Long Way Round two guys that rode their GS’s from their home in London to NY, on land – the long way. I couldn’t put this book down, devouring their adventures and thinking where I would take mine.

“…I like the Champlain Islands, you can just stay on the highway the whole way up their, it’s a great ride”

The next day I was up on I-93. By the time I crossed to Vermont I had a new appreciation for the state’s rest stops.

All in all the ride took some 600 miles, it was an awesome ride but as I crawled to the shower at the end of day I developed a new perspective on endurance motorcycle rallies .

I guess Tierra del Fuego will have to wait for now.

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