My Triple 9 · Jul 25, 02:46 AM

In my motorcycles days there was one bike, an Italian bike, that seemed to always come up – the Duc. The mavens were huddling over it, oohing and aahing. Myself, I couldn’t manage to squeeze its stiff clutch lever let alone squeeze my bank account enough to own one.

As my motorcycle buzz resurfaced I looked it up. I learned that it is still being oohed and aahed and that there is a revered dealership up in Laconia dedicated to it.

3 years ago I went up there, if you would have given me a few spins I could have easily mistaken it to be in northern Italy. When I told Bruce, the owner, of my interest in a Duc he handed me the keys “why don’t you take it for a spin around the lake?”

By the end of the ride I knew I will get one and I knew I will get it there. It took me a while but last week the Ductruk brought my crate.

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