One Fifty Nine · Apr 2, 06:26 PM

It actually makes sense, sort of. Given my re immersion in sport riding I decided to get a dedicated race bike.

The bikes I ride are designed on and for the race track. My Ducati 999 wins consistently the World Superbike Championships, taking it out on the public roads presents me with some challenges like:

  • What exactly does the 55 road sign mean?
  • Given that I get to 80 MPH on first gear what should I do with the other 5?
  • Can the police radar really catch the Ducati silhouette if I tuck all the way in?
  • Where can I find twisty roads in Kansas???

Since I moved to Kansas City I was greatly assisted by Greg Williams of Café Racer. Following his recommendations I decided to get a Suzuki SV650 race bike as my training bike. On Friday I drove to Little Rock Arkansas and by Saturday I was on the track.

So how fast did I go? Ah… well, my new race bike does not have a speedometer, Duh…

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