Two Teeth · 4886 days ago

Two Teeth.

It took a while.

For the last 9 months whenever Shani would cry we knew she is teething. Since Shani is an expressive child and she had a lot of teeth to work on, we were not concerned. Problem was that there were no teeth?

So recently she popped two.

Must be the Island air.

So now when shani express herself we know that she is teething, and since she is an expressive child we know she have a lot of teeth to work on.

What will we say when they will all be out?

Breakfast at St Thomas USVI
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Zen Baby 2 · 5194 days ago

Zen Baby.

Taking a cue from is her big sister Shani is a total Zen baby unless she is hungry or wet. We are leaving the hospital today and life as a big family begins.

Day 3
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Shani's Birth · 5196 days ago

She has arrived.

Shani Amilia Weitz Born in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on 2:5pm 7lb 10.5oz 19 inches.

Gallery 1
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Gallery 2
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