Week 4 · May 8, 12:47 AM

Still Growing…

Nothing seems to stop Tal’s desire to close the weight gap between the two of us. Besides putting on these onces her inquisitive eyes are discovering the world. She gives it her serious look, wrinkle her forehead as she tries to figure it all out.

Having an Occupational Therapist for a mom she doesn’t escape some interactive toy playing sessions. Her sweet revenge though comes from discovering the “you can’t put me down” game. So in the last few days we [“We”] walk around like a Kangaroo, carrying her in the baby pouch all day long. Must be the effect of our Ozzy relatives.

The new thing in the house now is the Bus! Given our family size now we started working on a “Bus” project. It started with the idea of getting a VW camper bus so we could all travel together. It continues to evolve in the Weitz way so now we are looking into the Vixen 21TD. Stay tuned



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