Size? ... you bet it does! · Sep 19, 11:57 AM

Last weekend Sheryl and Moi drove up to New York City to pick up the new addition to the fleet, a 1999 Yamaha 1600cc Road Star. I wanted a big cruiser for a while and the right opportunity turned up last weekend.

Driving it out of the city was a BIT scary; negotiating the city traffic, bridges and bypasses was not for the faint of heart. I guess wrestling with Boston drivers for a while now had prepared me some for the experience.

The Road Star is a hoot. It is heavy, powerful and cushy; sort of a gentle giant. We are riding it around New England now, taking advantage of the autumn before the mighty winter comes in.

My plans are to spice it up some, throwing in some chrome, opening the intake with Baron BAK and opening the back end with a pair of BUB Big Willey exhaust pipes. I am taking it up to NH tomorrow for the full TLC treatment at the dealership and will reshoe it with a pair of Metzler Marathon tires.